What is going on in Broxbourne and Hertford till the end of July

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know what is going on in Broxbourne over the next few weeks

23/6 No class as the room is being used for elections – take a night off! And if you can, come to the Hertford group on Tuesday 21st (see below)

30/6 I am leading the class as usual. We will continue our discussion of the book, and might play some short videos too.

7/7 Rob from the Hertford group will be leading the Broxbourne group

14/7 I am leading the class

21/7 Rob will be leading the Broxbourne group

28/7 I am leading the class for this week, and the vast majority of future weeks.

I hope to see you at some of these.

Don’t forget that there is also a drop in class in Hertford on Tuesday evenings, opposite Hertford theatre http://www.meetup.com/Hertford-Buddhist-Meditation/

21/6 This Tuesday, I will be leading the evening.

In the second half, Leah will give a talk and answer questions about our “going deeper” meetings for people who want to take things a bit further.

Also, we will be showing and leading a discussion around some short videos about the opening of the newly refurbished Vajrasana retreat centre, and other subjects like “What is Buddhism?” , “What is a retreat?” etc

28/6 Rob will be leading the class

5/7 Keith will be leading the class

12/7 Rob will be leading the class

19/7, 26/7, 9/8, 16/8, 23/8 Padmajata will be leading 5 classes and talking about the 5 spiritual faculties (faith, energy, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom)

It is possible that some of these might change nearer the time, but that is the plan at the moment.

I hope to see you at some of these too

all the best



Drop in class teaching meditation and Buddhism – Thursday evenings – Beginners and experienced – All Welcome!

We are holding a drop in class teaching Buddhist meditation and also exploring Buddhism as a spiritual path.

Thursday evenings from 24th March onwards in the Huntingdon Suite. Please arrive any time from 7.00pm onwards for a prompt 7.20pm start. Not a problem if you are late or have to leave early, just sit down or get up quietly. We normally finish about 9.45pm.

Our first and second meetings both had 14 people. Here is a picture of some of us.

Some of us at our first meeting
Some of us at our first meeting

They are held in a room at the Broxbourne Council Offices in Cheshunt. Click here for more information and a map.

Please join http://www.meetup.com/Broxbourne-Buddhist-Meditation-Meetup to be emailed updates about this, and also future courses. This is totally free. It also helps us build a community, and connect with each other. Please RSVP yes if you are coming to a meeting, as other people are more likely to come if they see a lot of people RSVPing. Safety in numbers 🙂

We teach two traditional methods of meditation:

1) Mindfulness of Breathing (this is a basic mindfulness meditation. As your thoughts gradually quieten down, you enter a deeper, richer, space).

2) Metta Bhavana (allowing loving kindness to arise, and directing it towards ourselves, a good friend, a neutral person, someone we don’t like, and expand outwards to all beings in the Universe).

If we do mindfulness of breathing on one week, then we usually teach metta bhavana the following week, as it is important to do both.

If you practise these meditations regularly, and set up the right conditions, they will start to affect your daily life, which can lead to feeling lighter, happier, more joyous, kinder etc

The classes are taught in a Buddhist context, but you do not have to “be a Buddhist”, or even know anything about Buddhism.

The classes do build on each other, and you will go deeper into the practices if you come to several of them. But at the same time I will try and keep them all as self contained as possible, so you can drop in and out, as you please.

You do not need to bring anything. We will sit on chairs (which I prefer), but if you have a meditation stool or meditation cushions, you are welcome to bring those if you want.

The first half of the class will be a lead meditation, then we will have a tea and biscuit break, then in the second half we will explore our experience in the meditation together, answer any questions, and there will be some teaching and discussion on meditation and/or Buddhism.

The classes are free of charge, but if you could possibly contribute towards the room costs, this would be greatly appreciated. Suggested donation is £5.

Note: There is no class on 5th May, as our room is being used for the election.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or just want to introduce yourself. You can fill in the contact form on this website, or alternatively message me on meetup.com There is a contact button under my photo on the left hand side.

Background information

There are two excellent pdfs with a lot of background information and links about meditation, Buddhism, Triratna etc

Click the links below to open and/or download and/or print:

Triratna Resource Pack 1

Triratna Resource Pack 2

Contents of Resource Pack 1

where to find…
Recommended reading lists
Sangharakshita’s books
On-line Dharma talks
Study material (including the Triratna
Dharma Training Course)
Contact details for Triratna Centres
Details about retreats
Dharma material and events for young
Children and schools’ Dharma material
Ask a Buddhist: on-line answers
what we look like
Photos of Triratna Centres
Profiles of people/Order Members
Video clips from around Triratna
more about Triratna
Triratna News
Social Engagement
FWBO/Triratna History and archives
beyond English
going deeper
Dharma study
What is a Mitra?
Asking for Ordination


Contents of Resource Pack 2

This Pack complements this Resource Pack and includes short introductions to meditation and
Buddhism as practiced in the Triratna Buddhist Community, plus the text of the main ceremonies used.
a short introduction to meditation
a short introduction to Buddhism
a short introduction to the Triratna Buddhist Community
basic Triratna texts
The Threefold Puja
The Dedication Ceremony
The Sevenfold Puja
the Refuges and Precepts
The Heart Sutra

Name of the book we are studying

During Jan and Feb 2016 we are studying the book “Buddhism: Tools for Living Your Life” by Vajragupta.

You do not need to purchase it, as we will give out handouts each week.

But if you want to get it, it is available on Amazon in papaerback and also kindle by clicking here